Thursday, December 5, 2019

Culturally Oriented Mental Health Care in Australia †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Culturally Oriented Mental Health Care in Australia. Answer: Culture plays an important role in how care services are provided to mental health patients across communities and countries, including Australia. With an incessant diversity of individual variations, it is to be noted that culture is important for clinical settings. It is clear that cultural contexts mould the mental health of minority population and changes the course of services given to them. Acknowledging and respecting the cultural background of the patient cared for leads to the elimination of any misunderstandings between the clinician and the patient, any forms of clinical bias and the fragmentation of mental health services. When the clinicians consider providing care that is aligned with the cultural beliefs and values of the patient, they are no longer deterred from accessing the care services as desired (Huang and Zane 2016). A culturally sensitive care is aligned with the concept of social inclusion. Clinicians must consider the patientss lived experience that holds the potential to become a part of an appropriate recovery practice. How inequality and disadvantage impact individuals are to be understood by the care providers. For example, mental health care provided to Hispanic patients needs to be guarded by cultural aspects. The language barrier is a key concern, and thus an interpreter would be useful. Individuals from this origin have staunch belief in natural healing procedures, and clinicians can consider them as a part of the regular care plan along with modernised treatment option (Minas and Lewis 2017). References Huang, C.Y. and Zane, N., 2016. Cultural influences in mental health treatment.Current Opinion in Psychology,8, pp.131-136. Minas, H. and Lewis, M. eds., 2017.Mental Health in Asia and the Pacific: Historical and Cultural Perspectives. Springer.

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