Sunday, December 22, 2019

Evaluation Of The Police Department - 1146 Words

The goal of discipline is to produce desirable behavior. This function can be accomplished by encouraging appropriate behavior and punishing inappropriate or unacceptable behavior. (More Miller, 2014) As we can see in the case study of the Astonville Police Department there were some mistakes made as far as supervision goes. Some of the problems discussed could have been avoided had sound judgement and supervision been accounted for. Too many times officers are left unsupervised which can lead to an array of problems for the officers and the department as we saw in this case. This stems from the top supervisors all the way down to the street officers. The Astonville Police Department seems to be a great place to work and seems to have a†¦show more content†¦Their situation went unwatched or supervised and lead to some severe problems. Problems that could be detrimental to the police department and their policies. Looking at the above reference scenario, we can say that Serg eant Williams did not take the appropriate actions to protect everyone involved. Sergeant Williams already knew that FTO Tibbetts was seen as a â€Å"ladies man† within the department. This should have been a red flag for the Sergeant as he himself viewed Officer Roberts as â€Å"an attractive young woman†. The sergeant in this case thought that the officer would be able to handle FTO Tibbetts’ advances and be a professional. I’m sure he also thought that FTO Tibbetts would be professional. This, however, was not the case. Sergeant Williams did not monitor the training that was going on and did not see a problem until it was already too late. Knowing what he did in the beginning, Sgt. Williams should have assigned Officer Roberts to another FTO. Sergeant Williams should have seen the signs of a possible romantic relationship going on between Officer Roberts and FTO Tibbetts. Officer Roberts received high marks for her evaluations, even after she was clear ed and released on her own she would rely solely on FTO Tibbetts for advice and back up, rumors were going around the department about the two being seen kissing, and he himself saw them in a heated argument. All of these were opportunities for Sergeant

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